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War Thunder Steel Generals Update Will Have US Tanks

Developer Gaijin Entertainment is on its way to produce its latest update for War Thunder. Update 1.45 of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) title is called Steel Generals, which gets its name from paying tribute to famous commanders.

Steel Generals will mark the arrival of the US World War II tanks in the game. A total of 30 of these beasts will make it to the battlefields.

Notable figures to get their metal vehicle version in the game are William Sherman as the M4 Sherman or John J. Persing as the M26 Persing.

Images and explanations for the tanks can be found on the developer blog of War Thunder. It goes over what the vehicle is and where it was deployed.

War Thunder is a free-to-play title, currently available for PC and Playstation 4. Originally, the MMO started with a focus on just aircrafts, but it later introduced ground forces as well.

As such, the Steel Generals update will implement more planes to the line-up, as well as tanks. That will only add to its total tally, which already netted the MMO a specific Guinness world record entry for most planes in a flight simulation game.

There’s enough content in War Thunder to already attract a sizable crowd to rival its war game peers. Currently, the MMO is handled by over 8 million players.

Noticing and building on this community is an important factor for the game’s success. One of War Thunder’s many recent updates introduced revenue sharing for those who create user generated content.