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Super Smash Bros. Glitch Banning Players for 136 Years

Glitches are common in video games, every now and then we encounter these issues that are later fixed though a patch.

Most of the glitches just go by and we don’t pay much attention to them. However, sometimes, there comes a glitch that is so bizarre that it becomes necessary for us to write an article to let you know all about it and one such glitch has been found in Super Smash Bros. 3DS.

We often see people getting banned for various reasons and these bans last for like a week or maybe a month But how will you feel if you get banned for 136 years? Let me guess, livid? That’s exactly what this glitch is doing.

The actual cause of this glitch is unknown but apparently it happens when you target a single player during four player battle online.

There could be other causes as well and in order to avoid this life long ban, one reddit user have posted a few tips.

1: Don’t target a single player in four-player multiplayer.
2: Until this is fixed, only use one-on-one versus.
3: Don’t use online.
4: Don’t quit during a match.

There have been no official response by Nintendo to address this situation but we’ll let you know as soon some information comes our way.

Source: kotaku