Play As A Giant Shark In New Shooter Depth On Steam

You could be thinking that the gaudiest, most eccentric release today is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and its jetpacks and respect quick time events. You’d be wrong. In reality, Depth on Steam goes just a tick further than that.

How, do you ask? Simple: Depth lets you play as a diver who shoots actual rifles at sharks or, even better, you can play the actual twenty foot shark. Does Call of duty have playable sharks?

That’s really the whole game and at €22.99, it’s a steep price, but it’s bound to be food for those who want a less serious experience. Yet, there are some in-depth mechanisms to take into account as well.

For instance, sharks can try to sneak their way to targeted humans with the use of underwater locations that have darkened corridors, obfuscated shipwrecks and so on. In turn, divers need to collect treasure, which they can use to upgrade equipment.

As a human, it’s possible to shoot anything at sharks, from dual-wielded guns to automatic machineguns. Sharks will have their own progression system, which works with mutated evolutions instead.

Depth has an offline play for those who want to prepare for combat. It offers several difficulties.

It may look a bit silly, but it’s not the first game to attempt a multiple species shooter. In the past, Natural Selection 2 had two vastly opposing sides as well and it did the job wonderfully.

Currently, Depth has a 10% discount. It will run until November 10, 2014.