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Pirate Hell Demo Now On Steam

Indie game Pirate Hell has a free demo download up on Steam. It’s mostly an arcade naval battle game, though there is a semblance of additional content as well.

In the demo, players can try out the feel of combat in a few missions, spread around a world map. It will go over different objectives, mostly involving killing other ships, but there’s also an escort mission and a treasure hunt.

Moreover, it’s possible to dock the ship into town and upgrade both ship and overall gameplay. Vessels themselves can be increased in armor, damage and speed.

Those who upgrade their hometown can also unlock other ships or make their time in the world easier. Buildings include a chapel, brothel and more.

During combat, it’s possible to encounter fleets of varying size. Enemies can be dispatched with an aiming mechanism that works in a cone radius on both sides of the ship.

There’s also another gauge that gradually fills up during encounters. Once full, it’s possible to unleash pirate hell, which sends forth blazing cannon shots in a 360 degree radius around the player.

If you choose to play the demo, keep in mind that your settings aren’t saved when you exit, so try to do the whole thing at once. It should take about twenty or so minutes to go over the breadth of content.

Once completed, the demo states that Pirate Hell is available on Desura, for those who want to buy it. If you’re waiting on a Steam release, know that plenty of Desura titles eventually receive their Steam key around launch time.