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League of Legends’ Faker Reported to be Worth Close to $1 Million

Playing League of Legends on a competitive level seems lucrative enough but did anyone ever expect a top Korean player to garner a total worth of a million dollars?

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok is a renowned player and one who has a huge worldwide following. The Korean League of Legends player belongs to SK Telecom 1, the team that managed to win last year’s World Championship and proved to be a dominating force.

Currently the game is undergoing a ‘transfer window’ where players are either renewing their contracts with their teams or taking on offers for new ones.

According to a report by Sina Games, the Korean media has unearthed information that suggests two Chinese companies have made offers for players on SK Telecom 1, one of them being Faker.

The reports suggest that the offers exceeded what the players are currently earning with their team. Speculation dictates that Faker was currently making around $98,000 – $147,000 a year from playing League of Legends alone. That does not include revenues paid to him through streaming and tournament winnings.

His offer however from the mysterious new Chinese companies was close to $1 million. SK Telecom 1 was man handled this year while trying to qualify for the big stage.

The team was knocked out and the defending champion did not even get an opportunity to defend their grail. However, the reports suggest that companies are more interested in the crowds Faker will attract; which in turn will translate into streaming revenues.

I can’t disagree with that logic. Streaming is currently on the rise and many professional LoL players have announced plans to move away from the competitive scene and focus solely on streaming from home.