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Advanced Warfare on Xbox One May Require You to Re-Download, Details Inside

The feeling is priceless when you are done with pre-downloading a massive game and now all you have to do is just wait for it to be unlocked, so you can jump right in.

Same was the case with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare which was available for pre-load on Xbox One.

However, if you have downloaded the game before its day-one patch went live, then you might have to download the entire 46GB of data all over again.

Why? We have no idea but one user on reddit pointed out this issue.

According to him:

“I have preloaded my game a week ago, and as soon as the clock hit midnight my game started updating. It has been updating for over an hour and is still at 6%.
A quick look at the bandwidth usage on my console and I can see that I am re-downloading all 46gb of the game. So much for day zero huh?”

I can see how this can be frustrating to him and to anybody else who may have encountered this issue.

When the game unlocks for you and its percentage is at 99% then you should be ok as the game is just downloading the patch. However, if the percentage is at 0%, then the whole game is being downloaded.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was also available for pre-load on PlayStation 4 but so far there have been no reports suggesting this version encountered the same glitch.

Another user on reddit suggested to perform a “hard reset” on your Xbox One and stated that this happened to him once before but a hard reset fixed the problem.

In order to perform a hard reset, hold the power button on your Xbox One for 10 seconds while it’s on. The system will shutdown, all your data is saved but the cache is cleared. Now turn the system back on and it will display the start up screen. You could try it to fix and if you do, do share with us the results.

Source: Reddit