First Gameplay Footage of Star Citizen’s FPS Module Shown

PAX Australia finally saw Cloud Imperium Games show off the long promised first-person gameplay of its upcoming space simulator, Star Citizen.

The gameplay footage, which spans across nine whole minutes, shows the player boarding a space station with a team and then attacking it. While this is going on, another team present there is on duty to defend the station.

Players can also fight their way towards the gravity generator of the station. Turning it off allows everyone inside to float about and shoot in zero gravity.

According to founder Chris Roberts, this is only a glimpse of what the team has in store for the FPS section of Star Citizen. Illfonic Games is the one working on the FPS module and in the video above you can see them speak about their plans for Star Citizen.

The first gameplay footage looks promising and will no doubt help the studio raise even more funds in its ongoing record-breaking crowd sourcing. Personally I found the combat footage good but nothing extraordinary.

At points it also seemed somewhat clunky to me. However, I assume this to not be the final version and with plenty of work remaining, the final product is most probably goint to blow everyone’s brains out.

In other news, Star Citizen is about to cross $60 million in crowd funding.