Six Minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gameplay Action

Fans waiting to get their hands on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will surely get psyched after watching this amazing six minute long gameplay action.

Posted on Youtube, the footage was part of an hour long presentation by Square Enix showing other stuff including Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

The video shows a range of abilities which character like King, Jack, Queen, Eight and Rem will have at their disposal.

The abilities include damage spells along with some other weapon skills, which will come in handy during some intense battles.

One of the characters can be seen using a sword to slice through his enemies while another character uses a different type of sword which can turn into a chained whip that covers more area during melee attacks.

The footage in question features a range of familiar enemies as well as Behemoths and Coeurls. The game will allow you to switch between characters during gameplay and because each character have different abilities, you can switch to a different character having his/her abilities being more effective against a certain enemy.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD battle system looks incredible and the game will surely benefit from it.

Scheduled for a March 2015 release, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will also come with a demo code for Final Fantasy XV.