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Shadow Realms’ Alpha Delayed – Bioware Needs More Time

Since the reveal of Shadow Realms, it has gathered a lot of fan base and a lot of them were waiting for the game’s alpha tests to begin, however, Bioware has revealed that it is not going to happen anytime soon because developers need more time.

We got so many excellent questions about what the game will be, beyond just the multiplayer piece that we’ve revealed, and we’d like to be able to show you some answers rather than just telling you what the answers will one day be.

But we need a bit more time. We’ve taken a deep look at the state of the game – what it is now, what we intend it to be, and most importantly what it could be – and realized this is an opportunity to take a great game and make it even better before bringing it back for more feedback from you.

Shadow Realms is basically a 4v1 story driven action RPG in which players will be taking role of one of six classes namely Assassin, Warrior, Ranger, Warlock, Wizard and Cleric. Another option will be to play against the heroes as Shadowlord.

The focus of the game will be on co-op play, and developers promise that after the initial launch, they will keep on adding new content, so that players are never bored.

Some of the players who were lucky enough to get their hands-on Shadow Realms appreciated it for its customization options, tactics, freedom of choice and combat.

We will see how this co-op experience from Bioware plays out once we get our hands on the game’s alpha, which will become available “when the time is right.”