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Satoru Iwata Explains Why New 3DS is Not Ready for the West

Hoping to get your hands on the new 3DS models? If so, importing is the only option you have right now if you live in North America or Europe and it seems as though it’s going to stay that way for a while.

This might be surprising for you as both NA and EU have a fairly high demand for Nintendo’s 3DS as well but Iwata has an explanation for it.

Nintendo released their new 3DS models in Japan just recently and fans were hoping to hear something regarding a western release but Iwata stated that 3DS is still “at an early stage of popularization in these two markets” and the company believes that it just doesn’t make sense to release a product which is meant to boost sales, when sales are still growing right now.

Nintendo 3DS is a highly successful product in the Japan and sales were strong since its launch until the company saw a recent decline and decided to release a new model to spike its sales.

Iwata’s explanation makes sense and it doesn’t seem like the right time for the product to hit the western market just yet.

Still, fans will be disappointed to hear this and will have to wait till 2015 for the new 3DS. Are you one of among the disappointed ones?

Source: Nintendo