Role of Culture in Civilization: Beyond Earth

Culture is a concept that many Civilization players will know about from some of the previous games in the series. In Civilization: Beyond Earth, Culture plays a somewhat similar role in the development of your colony, though there are certain new implications that add to the importance of this attribute.

Culture is one of the core attributes along with Science, Energy, Production, and Food, and is influenced by various resources, buildings, technologies, and other factors. Where does Culture exactly help?

The Culture value of your nation not only plays an extremely important role in local expansion, but is also the main attribute for acquiring Virtues.

The national tally of your Culture is what builds up to unlock the next Virtue, and Virtues themselves are very important in providing bonuses that would boost your nation’s growth and success.

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Role of Culture
As stated above, Culture is the primary attribute that will help you get Virtues. However, it also has an extremely important local effect for your cities.

Cities without any Culture generation have a lot of difficulty in expanding their borders to new tiles. This will greatly affect the local Growth of that city and prevent it from forming borders in tiles around the tiles being used.

In order to make sure you have a healthy supply of Culture, you should have at least one or two Culture generating buildings in every city. The Old Earth relics are the least expensive of the lot, and you should have them constructed early on every time you are expanding or setting up an outpost.

Once you have the Food and Production system for the city established, try to give it additional culture through basic and strategic resources, tile improvements, and additional Culture related buildings.

A good method to getting lots of Culture in an established city is by having a large population, then working on buildings that have artist slots. Such buildings will then be quickly filled up, especially if you have good Food supply through trade routes.

You can then perform tile improvement on such buildings to further beef up your local and national Culture production.