GTA V Offering Double RP And Cash for Deathmatches this Weekend

Rockstar Games is offering double RP and double in-game money for all Deathmatches that will be played in GTA V this weekend to celebrate the Halloween.

In addition, players will also be getting treats from the different crate drops that will include Launchers, Fireworks and exclusive T-shirts.

Furthermore, you will be getting 50% discount on all the masks and hats that you can try on for the Halloween outfit. Orange weapon tints, parachute smoke and tire smoke have also been made part of the game this weekend.

To get an idea of what’s in store for in GTA V this Halloween, check out the video above where you will see every new item in action.

All of the additions look great and if you are still playing the game, then there’s no reason to miss out on all the fun.

Rockstar Games has kept the online experience of GTA V fresh by releasing new content for the game on regular basis. However, the promised heists are still nowhere to be found; hopefully, they will also become part of the game soon.

The game is currently available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but starting November 18, it will be available for both PS4 and Xbox One. PC players will have to wait till late January to get their hands on GTA V.

Source: Rockstar News Wire