This War of Mine Shows Gameplay, Gets Release Date

There’s a new trailer out for This War of Mine, the brutally down-to-earth war title from developer 11 bit studios. It shows the first instances of gameplay from this alternative take on survival elements.

In This War of Mine, players aren’t the soldiers in the position of power in an ongoing war. Instead, the game follows civilian survivors, who have to evade the atrocities that surround them.

Outnumbered and seriously outgunned, survival in the game leans mostly on stealth and scavenging. During the day, civilians try to hide from anyone who holds a weapon that could kill them.

At night, they’ll need to use the cloak of darkness to sneak around and collect the resources they need to survive. Back at the camp, it will be possible to upgrade facilities to provide a bit more comfort or to be able to cook better food and so on.

The gameplay trailer shows the darkened, almost-silhouetted aesthetics of the game. Its camera pans out a bit more to reveal multiple tiers of a building, where people can climb ladders, open doors, inspect cupboard and, most importantly, try not to get caught.

This War of Mine resembles Deadlight in visual style, where it not that the frightening zombies here are people with guns. Periodically, some encounters will lead to tragedy.

Along with the gameplay trailer, This War of Mine receives a release date. It will be out on Steam on November 14, 2014.

Preorders are up now on the developer’s digital distribution site, Games Republic. You can grab a copy for $17.99, instead of the usual $19.99.