Nordic Games Acquires de Blob From THQ

Publisher Nordic Games continues to bring forth as much of their THQ acquisition as possible. Now, the company has finalized their purchase agreement for de Blob, an intellectual property for a platform game that dates back to 2008.

There were two iterations of de Blob, with the first being a Wii exclusive. Gameplay sees a ball of color flop around a grey world, where the goal is to fill in colorless structures in a timely fashion.

Further elements are added with a mixture of different colors that can make secondary or tertiary shades possible. Additionally, some objectives during levels can require buildings to be painted in a certain way.

Players are mostly left in an open environment, a little like in the Katamari series. Its only goal is really to paint as much as possible; where or how it’s done is left to whim.

Originally, de Blob dates back to a game that was made in 2006 by a few students from The Netherlands. Those people would eventually create developer Ronimo Games of the now popular Awesomenauts.

Nordic Games has acquired a lot of properties from THQ, which it’s slowly filtering out into the world. Along with de Blob, the company holds coveted titles like Darksiders and Red Faction, though they’ve expressed taking it slow with those names.

Recently, the publisher also revived MX vs ATV from the now defunct THQ stable. MX vs ATV Supercross is out now on consoles and will come to PC in February 2015.

Personally, I still can’t wait for Nordic Games to bring back Titan Quest, one of the better “Diablo clones” ever made. Until then, the quirky charms of de Blob are a good second favorite.