Final Fantasy XV Open World Explored in New Videos

Final Fantasy XV has received a couple of new videos courtesy of the game’s director Hajime Tabata, who appeared at the Paris Games Week to showcase the power of Luminous Engine.

Both of the videos are recorded off-screen but they give a pretty good idea of the huge open world of the game.

First six and a half minutes just show the old footage but from 6:50 mark onwards, you will be able to see the impressive visuals and the game’s universe, which can be explored without any restrictions.

Check out both of the videos attached below:

World Map Exploration – Part 1

World Map Exploration – Part 2

As we saw in Final Fantasy XV trailer at TGS, the game features a lot of huge monsters which will not be easy to take down. In the above videos, you get a closer look at those beasts.

Furthermore, the videos show night time which will not be very friendly as the visibility will be reduced, and players will have to use torches to see what’s going on around them.

There is no solid release date for Final Fantasy XV just yet, but you will be able to try out the game if you pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD before its release on March 17.

Source: Mika IIM