Final Fantasy Agito Plus Delayed in Japan

We have some disappointing news for PlayStation Vita owners. Final Fantasy Agito Plus has been delayed in Japan. The game was to be released on Sony’s handheld in early 2015 but has now been delayed for an unknown period of time.

What’s more concerning is the reason behind this delay. According to Square Enix, they came across some technical issues with the game due to which this decision was made.

However, the company has promised to deal with these issues and are aiming to use this extra development time to improve the overall quality of Final Fantasy Agito Plus.

This version of the game is a port of the original title which was released earlier this year on mobile devices. The title features a number of new gameplay mechanics. The role playing title follows the story of a player created character called Cadet.

Cadet will embark upon various missions in Orience. Players will have the option to choose this character’s gender and customize his physical appearance by selecting from a range of skin colors, skin tones, hair color, clothing, weapons and voice.

The game begins at the Rubrum Magical Academy, but players can explore Orience as a whole as soon as the story develops.

The game has a leveling system, so to raise your character’s rank players must interact with teachers and students and show an exceptional performance during missions.

Final Fantasy Agito Plus is an incredibly fun game to play and hopefully, Square Enix won’t keep us waiting for a long time.