The Evil Within Demo is Now Available on Steam

Shinji Mikami’s latest addition into the survival horror genre, The Evil Within now has a demo available for it on Valve’s Steam.

The demo will let players go through the first three chapters of the game and all of your progress will be transferred to the full game if you decide to buy The Evil Within after playing the demo.

Buyers of the game will also get a free copy of Call of Cthulhu alongside The Evil Within but as this is a limited time offer, you better hurry up before it’s over.

Moreover, Steam is offering 50 percent discount on The Evil Within season pass.

If you have already purchased the game along with its season pass, then don’t worry. You won’t miss out on Call of Cthulhu as it will be added to your library and season pass holder will receive special offers on other Bethesda titles in their inventory.

It looks like PC owners of The Evil Within are getting a lot of attention which was also suggested by the latest patch for the game.

After updating the game, PC gamers are now able to put an end to that annoying litterbox view and most of all, they now have the option to cap the frame rate at 60.

Let’s see if a similar patch will be released for the console version as well that will allow us to remove those black bars.

Source: Steam