Destiny Xur Agent of the Nine Location and Items for Oct. 31, Something for Halloween

XUR Agent of The Nine is back again this week with more exotic items to offer. The vendor can be found in the Hall of Guardians next to the quartermaster.

Players can use Strange Coins and Motes of light in order to buy various weapons, gear and engrams. However, the exotic vendor doesn’t seem to have anything new in his inventory.

Each item on the list has been on sale before, such as The Armamentarium. Sunbreakers are nowhere to be seen this week and in addition to exotic weapons and armour, Agent of The Nine has a special Halloween item on sale called Flight of Shadows.

Flight of Shadows is a consumable that is going to change the appearance of your respawn for a limited period of time.

Keep in mind that in order to get Flight of Shadows, players will have to talk with the agent while wearing Jackolyte. Without it the item will not appear in the inventory.

Hopefully, next week we will see some never before seen items available but until then the items listed below will have to do.

  • Titans: The Armamentarium – Exotic Armour – 13SC
  • Hunters: Lucky Raspberry – Exotic Armour – 13SC
  • Warlocks: Voidfang Vestments – Exotic Armour – 13SC
  • Weapon: Patience and Time – Exotic Sniper Rifle – 23SC
  • Exotic Engram – Helmet – 23 Motes of Light

See anything that interests you? If so, then hurry up before the agent goes away for another week. XUR: Agent of The Nine’s shop is open till 2AM PDT Sunday November 2nd.