Cube Creator 3D Coming To 3DS Early Next Year

Since Wii U is getting its own Minecraft clone called U Craft, why shouldn’t 3DS get one as well? Luckily, it will in the form of Cube Creator 3DS.

The game will be released on the 3DS eShop early 2015 and according to developer Big John Games, they will be able to put up a free demo by December in order to let players try out the game before it is made available on the eShop.

The demo is going to feature a creative mode through which players can see what the stereoscopic world of Cube Creator 3D has to offer. In addition, to give easy access to the game’s inventory during gameplay, Cube Creator 3D will make use of the 3DS touch screen.

Upon release, the full version of this title will feature a survival mode that will have you face a variety of enemies and players can transfer all of their creations from the demo to the full game.

Big John Games plan to fully support Cube Creator 3D after its release with updates and patches of all sorts.

Minecraft is available on almost every platform known to us such as android, Windows, iOS, PS3, PS4, Xbox One you name it. However, Nintendo has so far been missing out on all things Minecraft and this game can make up for it.

Clones are always welcomed, but they should keep some form of originality even though the basic concept is the same. It will be interesting to see how clones like U Craft and Cube Creator are able to differentiate themselves from Minecraft to have their own identity.

Source: NWR