Clandestine Sneaks Its Two-Faced Way To Early Access

Developer Logic Artists has launched Clandestine on Steam through Early Access. It’s available now for €26.99.

Clandestine is up the alley of traditional stealth action fans, where sneaking around undetected is of vital importance. Enemies react to the amount of evidence is left behind and combat is unforgiving, which further strengthens the motives to stay clear of danger.

There’s a unique mechanism in Clandestine. Gameplay is split into two sections, one for the operative who plays in third person inside of locations, where the other view uses a hacker to mess with that area’s technology.

Gameplay can work in asymmetrical cooperative mode, which means that one player goes into the field, while the other stays behind to hack security systems, open doors and distracts guards from afar. In singleplayer, it’s possible to switch between both at the press of a button.

For its story, Clandestine looks to the dismantlement of the communist regime in the nineties, which left a hole for a lot of covert activity. Cold War veterans are being assassinated and it’s up to an unmapped task force to investigate these events.

This would be the second game shrouded in secrecy to come to Steam in recent times. We also reported on Majestic Nights, which is set in a similar setting in the eighties.

To prevent spoilers in the storyline, Clandestine’s Early Access version doesn’t have a campaign. Instead, side missions are used as challenges that can be replayed several times over.

Currently, the game has three weapons, four gadgets and three local assets. More will be added later, which includes a way to purchase equipment.

Prior to Clandestine, the developer worked on strategy game Expeditions: Conquistador, which cleverly put a dash of survival elements in Might and Magic gameplay. The team states that it will have a direct line of communication with people who provide feedback.