Capcom Explains The Reason Behind Deep Down’s PS4 Exclusivity

During PlayStation 4’s reveal event, we got our first look at Deep Down, an RPG in which you will be exploring several dungeons and will be facing different types of beasts.

People expected that soon after the reveal, the title will also be announced for Xbox One, but it didn’t happen and today, Capcom has provided us a reason for the game’s PS4 exclusivity.

The PR person for Capcom stated that Deep Down is only coming to Sony’s next-gen platform because they approached the developers first with their dev kit.

It is a simple answer to a simple question and PS4 users will be extremely delighted to have such a great game on their platform.

Initially, everyone thought that Deep Down will be a medieval RPG, but developers clarified that it is not the case, instead the game is set in the year 2094, New York City.

However, by touching certain magical artifacts in the futuristic world, players will be taken back into the time where they will explore unique areas and will fight a monster at the end. Just like most of the RPGs, loot will play a very important role in Deep Down.

The magical artifacts in the game are basically just emotions such as anger, rage, hate, envy, lust and wrath, with each of them taking you to a different area.

Deep Down doesn’t have fixed release date yet, but it is expected to arrive sometime in 2015.

Source: PlayStation Life Style