Battles of Kyrat: New PvP Mode in Far Cry 4 Revealed

If excitement wasn’t already through the roof for Far Cry 4, Ubisoft has now revealed the game’s new PvP mode called Battles of Kyrat to further hype up the game.

Far Cry 4 is going to be available in November and up until now, Ubisoft shared a lot of details regarding the game’s story and its co-op adventures.

After a bit of teasing, the competitive mode of the game has finally been revealed. Battles of Kyrat is a player vs player mode included in Far Cry 4 and features two separate faction battling it out in Kyrat.

One of these factions will represent the freedom fighters of the Golden Patch while the other faction is Rakshasa, made of up of ancient warriors, serving to the will of Pagan Min.

Warriors of Rakshasa faction won’t be easy to defeat as they will have a bunch magical ability at their disposal. Using these powers they can call upon wild animals to attack the opposing faction, and they are also able to ride elephants as well.

Interestingly, Rakshasa warriors use a bow and arrow as their primary weapon but are able to perform many “alterations to their weapons.”

“They can call upon animals to help in both defending and attacking positions. The Rakshasa only use traditional weapons, specifically the bow, but are capable of crafting multiple alterations to their weapons,” Ubisoft explained.

On the other hand, we have the Golden Path who are able to use a number of different equipment including guns, tech and even an armored vehicle. It’s magic vs sheer firepower.

These two teams will face each other in three different modes – Outpost, Propaganda and Demon Mask.

Outpost will task Golden path to defend an outpost from the opposing side while in Propaganda, team Rakshasa will have to defend propaganda stations.

Lastly, we have the third mode known as Demon Mask, which is similar to capture the flag. Both teams fight for an ancient mask that is to be carried to the home base and whichever team does it first, wins.

Far Cry 4 is going to hit the market starting November 18 on all major platforms.