80s Neon Adventure Majestic Nights Outs First Episode

Stories and games come in episodic varieties these days, as the release of Majestic Nights on Steam shows. Its first episode is out now, with a total of six to be released between now and April 2015.

Neon lights set the stage for this alternative eighties adventure that takes place in a scenario where the Cold War really did create every imaginable conspiracy theory known to man. Visuals use that heavy and grimy cel-shading of games like Borderlands for a gritty comic book vibe.

In gameplay terms, Majestic Nights is an isometric action adventure with some tactical elements, like Commandos and its breed of similar titles. Players embody Callie, a private investigator, as well as Cardholder, a sneaky operative that knows a thing or two about secret plots.

Chapter One, Covert Genesis, is out now. It sets up the story and sends Callie on her way to dive into a world of intrigue.

There’s also a launch trailer that displays some of the gameplay in the game. Combat looks a bit awkward, with animations that try to position themselves by spinning around.

There does seem to be plenty of action in the game though. Moreover, Majestic Nights will feature lots of investigative elements with profiles of certain characters, conversation options, sneaking around and so on.

Should you need a bit of convincing, developer Epiphany Games is kind enough to hand out Chapter Zero as a demo prelude for free, instead of suckering you in with the first episode immediately.

One episode of Majestic Nights costs $4.99 or €4.99. Those who are convinced of this neon sibling of The Wolf Among Us can grab the Season Pass for $19.99 or a less appealing €19.99 for Europeans.