Take-Two Not Ruling Out the Possibility of GTA HD Collection

Since the arrival of new gen consoles, there have been several HD remakes of the last-gen games on the new platforms, and now it seems that Take-Two might join in as well, as CEO Straus Zelnick stated that the possibility of bringing previous titles to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is not completely off the table.

He made this statement during an investor call earlier today, when he responded to a question regarding repackaging of previous GTA iterations in a possible GTA collection.

In any given year we and our key competitors launch new intellectual properties and new iterations of older properties. And occasionally, when we see a platform shift, we will take an old property and create an iteration of that in a very similar form for next-gen. And we wouldn’t rule anything out. That would be driven by the market opportunity that we perceive, and the potential for delivering a quality release.

Zelnick continued on to say that Take-Two is focused on providing the best possible experience to the players and if they feel like there is a market for the old games, then they will consider releasing it.

At this point of time, we cannot say that Take-Two is even considering the HD remakes of its popular titles, but there’s atleast a hope now and we may very well may see GTA, Red Dead or Max Payne series making their way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in the future.

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