Randal’s Monday Interviews For Clerks’ Jay and Randal

If you were looking into more news about Randal’s Monday, you’re in luck. Publisher Daedalic Entertainment released an interview of the game with Jeff Anderson and Jason Mewes, two actors from the Clerks movie franchise.

It says it’s an interview, but really it’s more of a promotional pep talk. Also, there’s not that much information in it for being nine minutes long, so maybe just read our recap instead, unless you really want to hear the duo’s voices.

Most of Jason Mewes’ part boils down to the actor being excited about working on more Clerks-related stuff that also happens to be a video game, a passion for the actor. You may have seen Mewes star in the god-awful travesty that was the Noobz movie with Adam Sessler.

Mewes will reprise the role of Jay and Silent Bob’s talkative part of the duo. Both characters can be found hanging out in an alley in Randal’s Monday.

Jeff Anderson will take on the titular role of Randal. Anderson also played a character of the same name and demeanor in Clerks.

In the interview, Anderson stresses a few things. For one, Randal’s Monday isn’t a tie-in or rip off of Clerks, it merely references it, as it mentions a ton of pop culture.

Also, developer Nexus Game Studios is making Randal’s Monday as their first title. The team is comprised of six guys, working from a garage.

Finally, Anderson will apply the same slow and sarcastic voice in the game as portrayed by Randal in Clerks.

As a sidenote, Anderson advises people watching to not pirate the game. Randal’s Monday will be out on November 12, 2014 on PC.