Strike In Destiny’s The Dark Below DLC Will Be Timed-Exclusive to PS4 / PS3

Yesterday, Bungie revealed a new expansion pack for Destiny called The Dark Below, which will come with new story missions, new multiplayer maps, a brand-new raid and a couple of strikes.

The additions coming in expansion pack are great, but if you are playing on Xbox One or Xbox 360, you are in for a disappointment because one of the newly added Strikes will be exclusive to Sony’s platforms.

The strikes are probably the best part of Destiny, as they allow three players to go on a unique journey where they take down multiple enemies and come across a very difficult boss at the end.

Bungie has stated that the strike excluded from The Dark Below will not become a part of Microsoft’s consoles until fall of 2015. Despite excluding it from the Xbox version of the game, The Dark Below costs the same on all platforms which is unfair.

Microsoft also has this kind of exclusivity deal with Call of Duty titles, as all the DLCs of the Activision’s famous franchise release on Xbox consoles at least one month early, but there’s no exclusion of content.

As we saw at E3 and the events after that, this kind of exclusive content will be a part of most of the games coming in the future, as both Sony and Microsoft try to attract consumers.

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