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Microsoft Warns Against Xbox Bans for Fraudulently Refunding Destiny

Xbox owners were not too pleased with knowing that Destiny’s upcoming The Dark Below DLC will be exclusive to the PlayStation for an entire year. In addition to the game’s alleged monotonous grinding sequences and various other aspects, some sought out to ask for a refund from Microsoft using false reasoning.

At the start, Microsoft granted their requests but as the number of requests increased, it came to light that Microsoft has started investigating each user’s request on the basis that they committed fraud.

One such user reported that upon informing Microsoft how everyone else was complaining about the exclusive content and using fake reasoning to get refunds, this was the reply received from the representative:

“I totally understand, Dustin, and let me be honest with you on this one, and straightforward, making sure that we’re not hitting around the bush. I appreciate your kindness and being nice, despite of your request.

I do apologize however we really cannot refund the charge for you just because others are asking for the refund for the game. We’ll have this investigated, as we already filed and submitted a ticket regarding the post in forums that was posted. We’ll have those profiles and gamertags check, as well, as this may be a form of fraud.”

The threat of having your Xbox profile permanently banned and losing all digital content was too much to take. Shortly after warnings started spreading around Xbox forums and Reddit pages asking everyone not to apply for refunds on the off chance of being banned.

We’ve yet to come across anyone who has suffered such a permanent ban but until Microsoft has issued a statement about the situation, it’s best to stay away from asking refunds.

Via jbgnews