Lords of the Fallen Launch Trailer Is Over In One Jump

Publisher City Interactive, now rebranded as CI Games, has put out a trailer for Lords of the Fallen to hype up its official launch. It features its protagonist, Harkyn, in a bare fight against a giant creature from the Rhogar army.

Rhogar demons are the main enemies of the game. Everything is based on these foes taking over the land. Harkyn, the sinner, can defeat these evildoers to obtain redemption.

There’s not that much to see in the clip that would really indicate any combat or theme in the game, other than two heads going at it. There’s an awkward jump, someone gets cut and then dies.

In reality, Lords of the Fallen is a vicious roleplaying game (RPG) seen in third person with tough enemies and dreary, dilapidated settings. Ever since its announcement, it’s gotten linked several times to the Dark Souls franchise, due to some cosmetic and technical similarities.

There are several classes to choose from in the game in classic warrior, rogue or cleric style. Moreover, decisions can carry over and influence the game’s outcome.

Reception for Lords of the Fallen has been divided, so far, yet it has managed to cling onto a satisfactory 71 Metacritic score. Given some of the publisher’s earlier releases, this is probably as good as it gets.

In the recent past, the company that made this poor man’s Souls game has also produced Alien Rage, which immediately tanked, but also Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, a run-of-the-mill shooter.

Not even Enemy Front, a World War II shooter that gained some attention earlier this year, managed to climb Metacritic charts. For now, Lords of the Fallen is a step in the right direction for CI Games.