FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Trailer Urges You to Play Ultimate Team Mode

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is undoubtedly the most popular mode of the series, as players get to choose different superstars from around the world to get themselves the best possible team.

Now to ignite the fire even more into the players, EA Sports has released a new trailer for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, which urges them to participate in the popular mode.

The new video comprises of some gameplay and live-action footage, and it not only appeals to the hardcore fans, but also piques the interest of those who are on the fence about trying out the mode.

FIFA 15 came out late last month, and it has been gathering praise from all over the world since then. Players have been enjoying their time with the game by trying out the new features, new Turkish league, new moves, new celebrations and more.

FIFA’s biggest and only competitor Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is going to release in just a couple of weeks, so we can expect more marketing for both titles at that time.

FIFA 15 is out now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.