Atari Launches Preorders For New Alone In The Dark And Haunted House

Publisher Atari makes use of the thematic Halloween times to launch preorders for its upcoming releases. Both Alone in the Dark: Illumination and Haunted House: Cryptic Graves can be purchased on Steam now.

Haunted House: Cryptic Graves is up for $19.99 or an unequal €19.99 for unfortunate Europeans. It’s inspired by the 1982 classic, though it’s hopefully better than when Atari tried to reimagine Yars’ Revenge in 2011.

Haunted House is a first-person point and click adventure, where Anya Graves investigates the Graves’ estate. During inspections, players can touch objects to reveal info about their previous owners, to attempt to solve a murder there.

Ghosts and other creatures may appear that have to be evaded. Additionally, it’s possible to craft potions for protection.

Alone in the Dark: Illumination is available for $29.99 or €27.99 in Europe. Its preorder comes in an Eldritch Edition, which references the Lovecraft theme the game draws inspiration from.

The franchise dates back to 1992, where it was once lobbed in the survival horror category, though it has hugged its action portions more in recent times. As such, Alone in the Dark: Illumination is a “third-person action-horror,” which boils down to a shooter with scary imagery.

There are four character classes in the game, ranging from simple soldiers to magic users. It’s possible to either go it alone or use multiple characters in cooperative mode.

Its title is also a reference to an illumination mechanism in the game that can harm enemies.

A preorder of Alone in the Dark: Illumination comes with closed Beta  access in November, as well as some player and weapon skins.