The Xbook Duo Combines the Xbox 360 and Xbox One in One Slim Machine

The Xbook Duo is yet another creation by the self-taught engineer Ed Zarick that is basically an Xbox One and Xbox 360 put together within one slim machine.

The idea of the Xbook came when Zarick was at a friend’s house and found it annoying to switch between both consoles when playing Call of Duty. Hence work on the Xbook began and materialized in rather a short amount of time.

Zarick’s creation powers down one console and quickly switches the display and internal power brick to the other. That allows him to escape the gruesome task of wrestling with the HDMI cables.

While Microsoft didn’t include backwards compatibility for the Xbox 360 in the Xbox One, the Xbook offers that in a twisted way.

The Xbook Duo is not for sale but you can still opt for Zarick’s other creations – the Xbook One and PlayBook 4. Both of which are priced at $1500 and $1395 resepctively and are basically the console and a screen put together in a slim laptop-like box for easy traveling and playing.

You can see it in action below.