Sunset Overdrive Neon Signs Locations Map ‘What’s Your Sign’ Guide

Fizzco has not only put the entire Sunset City under surveillance using CCTV cameras, but has also flooded the whole city with advertisement of their products.

What’s better than to let out your frustration by destroying Fizzco property, starting from Neon Signs?

Fizzie Balloons and Neon Signs can be regarded as the easiest collectibles to find in Sunset Overdrive. Since these collectibles are placed up in the air, they can be fairly easy to spot and add to your collection.

Similar to Fizzie Balloons, Neon Signs are meant to test the basic wall running and air dashing skills of players. In order to collect a Neon Sign, simply jump or fall from a high structure and collide with the sign to add it to your collection.

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Sunset Overdrive Neon Signs Locations Map

There are a total of 150 Hologram Signs that can be found scattered throughout the Sunset City. Finding all signs in the game will allow you to unlock What’s Your Sign Achievement worth 10 Gamerscore.

Click to open high-res image of the map to find Neon Signs scattered through Sunset City:

Sunset Overdrive Neon Signs Locations Map

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