Star Wars Battlefront Will Release In Holiday Season of 2015

There are a lot of Star Wars fans out there and they have been itching to get more information on Star Wars Battlefront since its announcement at E3 last year and today, EA finally lifted the curtains off the release window for the upcoming title.

EA, in a tweet revealed that Star Wars Battlefront will release in the holiday season of 2015:

EA has emphasized that this upcoming title is not a sequel to Battlefront II, instead it is a reboot of the whole series.

The game is being powered by the Frostbite Engine 3 and it is currently under development at DICE, who are known for their work on the famous Battlefield franchise.

Earlier this year, EA confirmed that the planet Hoth, planet Tatooine and planet Endor will be among the playable areas in Star Wars Battlefront, however, they didn’t go into too much detail.

Now that the release window of the game has been revealed, we can hope that EA will share the gameplay trailer with us sooner than later.

Are you looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront reboot from DICE? Let us know!