Plague Inc Sees Rise In Popularity Due To Ebola Scare

Scares surrounding the Ebola virus are still high in the world and one particular developer is seeing an odd profitable event as a result of it. Ndemic Creations’ disease-spreading game, Plague Inc, has risen in popularity on mobile device charts in the last two weeks.

During this time period, the game was downloaded more than 430,000 on iTunes, which is a rise of 50 percent. Additionally, there are currently nearly 4 million active players, which is almost a million more than a fortnight ago.

Plague Inc allows players to name their own virus to infect the world. Thanks to the game’s ability to post to social media, the link to the current pandemic can be found in people who post their results, which name drop the Ebola virus frequently on Twitter.

Developer James Vaughan of Ndemic Creations is aware of the current developments and reacted to it. First off, Vaughan reassures people that this isn’t some twisted cash grab:

Ebola has not had a significant impact on revenues – the majority of our downloads come from Android.

On Android, Plague Inc is a free download, while iOS users pay 99c. Further on, the developer ponders if the simulation title is part of a new thought process involving games:

I think this is the first time a real world situation has been the reason why people are getting the game.

Plague Inc has existed for a few years now and has been downloaded over 35 million times. There is also a version of the game on Steam, which released more recently on Early Access and retails at a price of €13.99.

Source: Daily Mail.