Minecraft Gets Free Halloween Texture Pack on Xbox One and 360

Microsoft is releasing a free Halloween-themed texture pack for Minecraft on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Inside the pack you’ll find textures ranging from ghosts, pumpkins, vampires and the sort. Feel ‘free’ to download it and give your game a spooky look to celebrate this year’s Halloween.

Alongside the Halloween Texture Pack, Microsoft has also put out a Steampunk Texture Pack that is inspired by the Victorian era. This pack however, is not free and will cost you $1.

Both texture packs feature a new user interface in accordance with the respective theme, as well as completely new texture sets that can be applied to new or previously-created worlds.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is currently available as a digital download only but will hit retail stores on November 18 in North America, November 20 in Asia, November 27 in Japan and November 28 in Europe. Those who don’t want to wait another month for the physical release can download the game now on their Xbox One consoles for $19.99.

Note that if you already own a copy of Minecraft on the Xbox 360, then you can upgrade your copy to the new one by paying just $4.99. This upgrade is only valid for the digital release and does not cater to the physical one.