Endless Legend Halloween Update Adds Mod Tools

It’s been a few months since conquest strategy title Endless Legend ended its Early Access run and launched in full on Steam. Therefore, publisher Iceberg Interactive announces that the PC title will use Halloween for its first content update.

Most importantly, mod tools are coming to this fantasy roleplaying game (RPG) version of Civilization games. It will allow the community to produce their own content.

For starters, factions can be given new traits. Technology entries and city improvements can be added as well.

There’s also the possibility to put in new items for hero equipment and new skills for said units. Resources can be changed to indicate other things than Dust, science and so on.

With the mod tools, Endless Legend also allows for the creation of new quests that periodically appear upon the discovery of ruins. Finally, text and 2D assets can be altered as well.

Since this update comes on Halloween, there will also be a new themed quest in the game. Upon completion of it, Endless Legend players will receive a special holiday gift.

Endless Legend released in September to positive reviews from several critics, as well as its community of over a thousand recommendations on Steam. It currently enjoys a solid 82 Metacritic rating.

One of its strongest points, aside from its general aesthetic beauty and complexity, is that the game provides a radically different play style, dependent of the chosen faction. Some races prefer to govern everything from one city, while others literally feed on currency for survival.

Endless Legend is the second 4X conquest game from developer Amplitude Studios. Previously, the company made Endless Space, a game that won the highest honors at the Unity Awards.