Destiny Dark Below Expansion Gets a Release Date With New Details

Dark Below is Destiny’s first expansion announced by Bungie. Priced at $9.99 for players without a season pass, Dark Below will take guardians on a new adventure this December.

Developers have shared some new details regarding the expansion and revealed that the upcoming DLC will raise the Light level cap to 32.

In addition to some new weapons and armour, Dark Below will feature 5 new bounty slots as well.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 players will get an exclusive strike by the name of The Undying Mind.

The new story mission will focus on a new character called Eris and she can be found in the Tower. According to Eris, Hive is apparently trying to summon their god, Crota, in order to destroy planet Earth.

Eris will offer players new quests and three new missions through which players can increase their Light and earn rewards.

Another strike which is called The Will of Crota, tasks players to go up against Omnigul and stop her from expanding Hive Army.

That’s not all, the new expansion also contains a single player raid known as Crota’s End. What will be the task in this raid is not clear but if the name is any indication, we will be taking on Crota.

Destiny’s Dark Below expansion will be available starting December 9.

Source: MP1st