Balancing PvP Multiplayer of The Division Will be Tedious, Says Ubisoft

The PvP multiplayer of Ubisoft’s highly anticipated upcoming open-world shooter The Division is allegedly going to be a pain to balance.

Speaking with OXM at the recent Gamescom event, executive producer Frederick Runquist said that the game’s wide range of loadouts and offerings is going to make the job of balancing gameplay pretty hard.

Not to mention that players will also be able to bring forth their rewards and progress from the PvE, making the developer’s job all the more tedious.

“You know, since we have this seamless transition between PvE and PvP, I think it would break the immersion if, all of a sudden, your inventory would change and you’d have a gun in your hand and then it just disappears,” he began.

“So yes, there will be a lot of balancing issues, but then on the other hand if you’re playing against other players, they will have the same opportunity as you do to re-spec and meet the challenge that you represent.”

When asked about more information on the “Dark Zone” which is where the PvP multiplayer will take place, Runquist said that it was still too soon to be mentioning details.

“We’re not really ready to talk about that yet, but what I can tell you is that there will be lots of other activities in the PvP area,” he said. “It’s the most hard-hit area of the city, a very dangerous place to wander around in. So there will be other activities other than just engaging other gamers in that area.”

The Division was delayed from last year to a release in 2015. The game so far looks to be shaping alright. However, a negative-Ubisoft being in the news recently has only increased our fears of being disappointed upon the game’s release.