Arcade Racer BlazeRush Out On Steam And PS3

It seems like just yesterday we told you about BlazeRush, an arcade racing title in production. It was actually last week, but the game is out already, both on Steam and the European Playstation Store.

There’s an emphasis on vehicular combat in BlazeRush, with cars using different weapons to get at opponents, but one thing is different. Instead of blowing up rivals, the damage system is done away with in favor of a pushing mechanism.

Instead, players drive across suspended tracks. Prodding other cars just right will send them falling off the edge, which is the ultimate way to reach the top spot.

To keep things as arcade as possible, there are also no upgrade or customization options. BlazeRush trades that modern design for a traditional selection of 16 different vehicles.

For its multiplayer component, the racing game allows for up to four players to battle it out locally. Online, up to eight participants can drive around the heightened roads full of tricky turns and angular jumps.

One of its most interesting twists is that BlazeRush has the ability to let anyone join at any time. This means that races already in progress can still welcome new players.

BlazeRush is available for $9.99 or a less appealing €9.99 for Europeans. Steam currently has the game at a temporary 15% discount.

Along with the release, developer Targem Games confirmed that the North American Playstation 3 version will launch on November 4, 2014. Until then, the company has put a few of its other titles up for a discount between 75% and 90%.