Valkyria Chronicles Confirmed For PC by Sega, No Release Date Announced Yet

Wishes do come true, fans have been wanting Valkyria Chronicles on PC for a while now and even started a petition for it. Don’t know if that petition has a hand in this or not but Sega has now confirmed Valkyria Chronicles for PC.

The news was confirmed by Sega’s official Twitter account:

As of now, no details regarding the game and its eventual release has been shared but according to the tweet, details will be shared soon.

Originally released back in 2008 as a Playstation 3 exclusive, Valkyria Chronicles takes players to 1935 where a fictional continent of Europa (loosely based on Europe) is dominated by East European Imperial Alliance and Atlantic Federation in the west. Economies of both superpowers is based on a mineral known as Ragnite.

Running out of Ragnite, the Empire declares war with the Federation resulting in chaos.

Valkyria Chronicles focuses on the struggles of Gallian, a neutral principality caught in the war between these two super powers over its rich sources of Ragnite.

The game uses a system called BLiTZ and combines gameplay elements of tactical role playing, role playing and third person shooter titles.