Toukiden Kiwami Could See to a Home Console Release

Takashi Morinaka, the producer for Toukiden Kiwami, has expressed his wish to make the game more accessible by bringing it to a home console.

Speaking in this week’s issue of a popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Morinaka noted that while the game has been received warmly on the PSP and Vita, the hardware of the handhelds had limited what he had originally visualized for Toukiden Kiwami.

The producer now wants to improve the game’s presentation by bringing it over to home consoles.

He also spoke on the possibility of localizing the game and releasing it in the west for home consoles. Many fans have been asking for a home console version and if the demand is enough, Morinaka could well release it outside of Japan.

In the meantime, Toukiden Kiwami will release in North America and Europe in 2015 for the handhelds. The game was released in Japan this summer.