The Crew Gets Customization Nation Trailer

In case you forgot about The Crew, Ubisoft has put out a new trailer that displays its customization efforts again. It’s sort of the racing game’s thing to have a lot of different styles available.

The clip starts off with awards, which is always weird when the game isn’t out yet. Eventually, we get to see the sort of vehicles you’ll get to drive around in.

Depending on where you are on the giant, open map of the game, The Crew offers other cars that alter gameplay drastically. For instance, a circuit car will be slick as a bullet on a track, but for that off road experience, the big tires and frame of a raid build are much better suited.

It’s possible to switch between these vehicles without having to return to a certain garage. In particular, this is handy to try and retry the myriad of challenges available all over the roads of The Crew.

With the completion of challenges, players are issued experience, as well as car parts that enhance a vehicle’s capabilities. Moreover, it’s possible to earn overall perks for even more helpful customization, such as a useful driving line that shows up on the road.

Likely, you’ll have witnessed some of these cars and options for yourself already, as The Crew has had several Beta events now on multiple platforms. It even did some extra tests to make up for a slight delay that pushed back the game to December of 2014.

The Crew will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.