Rock Zombie Shambles On Wii U eShop This Week

Publisher EnjoyUp Games is ready to launch another title on Nintendo Wii U. Rock Zombie from developer Quaternion Studio lands on the North American eShop Thursday, October 30.

Rock Zombie is a brawler in traditional arcade setting. Levels are sectioned in side-scrolling locations, going through dilapidated cities and so on.

There are three protagonists to choose from in Rock Zombie: Zoe, Sasha and Crystal. Naturally, each has their own fighting style, which alters from pure physical force or more focus on special abilities.

Aside from just punching undead enemies, players can launch rocking attacks, themed after genres like Black Metal or Death Metal. These specials have different effects, such as targeting an area around the character or a straight line attack.

There are 20 levels to go through. Between these brawling segments, gameplay in Rock Zombie will also switch to vehicle stages.

Rock Zombie’s story is told through comic book pages, though with the normal models of the characters. There are 300 panels in total, which is quite the tale.

The girls form a rock band, but they also just so happen to be witches. With these powers, they are able to manipulate instruments to perform magical attacks.

As such, customization in the game can be seen in different guitars that have different stats. There are also other skins for the characters.

Previously, Rock Zombie was already available on PC through Desura’s digital platform.

Publisher EnjoyUp Games has a large selection of games it has been providing to Nintendo fans since the DSiWare days. Their other releases include Darts Up, Soccer Up and published titles like La-Mulana or Unepic.