PS4 Users Unable to Sign-In to PSN After 2.0 Firmware Update

The highly anticipated firmware update 2.0 of PlayStation 4 has been released as of today, and some users have reported that after completing the update, they have been unable to sign-in to PSN.

After listening to multiple complaints from the users around the globe, PlayStation’s community manager, Chris Owen stated that the problem is due to some network instability, which engineers are investigating.

Most of the changes and features brought to PS4 with this new update will only become accessible, once you are signed into PSN like sharing games with your friends, YouTube app and more.

The problems like these can get quite annoying for the players and I hope that Sony comes up with a solution fast enough.

Firmware 2.0 update for PS4 is the biggest one yet as it brings USB Media Player, Themes, Pause Download, Shareplay and a lot of other features to the console.

Are you experiencing any problems in signing in after the update? Also, have there been any other issues? Let us know!