Screw With PS4 Players Streaming #Killallzombies Out Now

It’s taken no time for developer Beatshapers to get #Killallzombies to market. This wave-based survival title launches on the North American Playstation Store today.

Beatshapers revealed the game back in August, as one of their first projects that would come to Playstation 4. It’s also one of those titles that will make use of the console’s new found love for live streams.

In #Killallzombies, a player is dropped into a changeable arena that periodically launches a wave of zombies and other related enemies. At the same time, people watching a stream of the game can interact with gameplay through a transformation of the playing field or an alteration to the difficulty, spawning more zombies and so forth.

This interactive outsider mechanism was previously also used in horror game, Daylight, from Atlus. Daylight was one of the first titles to use the Unreal Engine 4 as well, so we’re in a time of new technological beginnings.

Arenas in #Killallzombies are made of hex tiles that can shift to create new highs and lows that hinder movement. There’s also debris scattered around the area.

Some waves can include boss fights. These are special units with a lot of power behind them, some of which can manipulate the hexes as well.

To encourage survival, #Killallzombies trades experience for perks and weapons. New capabilities allow players to fight back with powerful skills and items.

You’ll be able to grab #Killallzombies for $13.99 and the game will receive post-launch support, which includes more modes and so on. A European release is said to follow at a later date.