PlayStation 4 Update 2.0 Is Now Live, Brings Share Play and More

Time to update your system, Sony has now released update 2.0 for PlayStation 4. The update brings some hefty changes to the console and how games can be played in co-op.

The biggest and most anticipated addition is the Share Play feature. The new feature will allow players to share their games with each other.

You will need PlayStation Plus membership and if you do have one, just press the share button during gameplay and an additional option will appear in the menu named Share Play.

Upon selecting the option, a party is created and players are asked to choose a friend to add to it.

After a friend is selected, he/she will see a notification on their PlayStation 4 system. As soon they accept the request, their console will link to the host and they will see a live stream of the host’s gameplay.

At any point during the game, players can hand over the controls to the guest player and he will now be able to play the game through that live stream.

You can also play the game together by selecting a different option called “Play the Game Together.”

The update 2.0 which is codenamed Masamune also adds YouTube integration and players will now be able shares videos on YouTube using the same process as Facebook uploads.

For more details on the update, you can visit here.