P.T. Comes To Xbox One With Project Spark

One of the weirder reveals during this summer’s convention run was P.T., which showed its mysterious face during Gamescom 2014. While that was part of a line of Playstation 4 exclusives, the game has now somewhat transcended to Xbox One, thanks to Project Spark.

P.T. stands for Playable Teaser, which offers a small interlude to the reactionary horror gameplay that will eventually spawn Silent Hills, the latest Hideo Kojima Project. This version, however, is called R.T. and dubs itself the second interactive teaser, taking after P.T.’s lead.

Youtube user KavinskeeZ uploaded a trailer that mimics that of the reveal trailer for the horror teaser. In the original clip, people playing the short horror demo are seen jumping out of their chair scared.

In R.T., the actor in question isn’t some random player, but none other than Nicolas Cage. Footage is taken from 8mm, a story about an underground sex network that produced snuff films.

Most of P.T. is played in a looping hallway. As players revolve around and around, the environment changes to reveal spooky situations.

R.T. is made with Project Spark, a sandbox title on Xbox One that lets players create any environment they want and even adjust game settings. It’s essentially an adapted version of Minecraft, with the added bonus that it’s free.

Speaking of which, this recreation stunt was previously already pulled off in Minecraft, in case you were wondering where the inspiration for this project came from.

Project Spark currently enjoys a 75 Metacritic rating. If you have too much free time on your hands, why not try to make some neat things for yourself and its community? It’s free.

Source: Gamespot.