Killer Instinct’s Upcoming Character is a “Trap Grappler”, Adam Isgreen Teases

The season 2 of Killer Instinct launched earlier this month with two new characters and now, we have received some hints regarding the upcoming character of the game.

Adam Isgreen, the creative director at Microsoft had some interesting tidbits to share about the new combatant of Killer Instinct:

He’s a zoner … with a ranged grapple … and great (situational) mobility … and traps … oh, and curses too. Internally we call him a ‘trap grappler,’ but I don’t even know if that’s the best way to describe him.

Isgreen continued on to say that this “trap grappler” scored really well among the players who get to play with him/her at the recent location tests that were held in Orlando and Chicago.

However, he did not give any further details on the character, not even a name, which leaves us right at square one.

The good news is that we will not have to wait for too long to see who this new character is, as the developers are going to reveal him/her in a trailer sometime next month.

Killer Instinct served as a launch title for Xbox One and the player count for the game is steadily increasing, as developers keep on adding new content to the title.

We will eventually find out who this trap grappler is in November.