Hellblade Is Somewhere In The Middle of AAA and Indie

AAA games such as Uncharted, Halo, Destiny, etc. require millions of dollars for development, and these are the types of titles players look forward to the most, but they are risky to make.

While indie games, on the other hand, take way less money to make, are ambitious and are rapidly gaining popularity among fans due to their creativity.

Developers of Hellblade, an upcoming indie title are looking to change how things work in our industry. They are aiming to make a AAA quality title with an indie like budget.

Developer Ninja Theory is referring to Hellblade as an “independent AAA game.” Which means they are making a game which is being developed and published by an independent developer but has the quality and production value of a AAA title in the market.

Digital distribution has gained more popularity since the release of next-gen consoles, and the above development diary shows their vision to use this platform to their advantage.

Ninja Theory is not aiming to target a specific audience and are hoping the game will find its own audience. The development approach they are taking is certainly something new, and if they succeed, this will surely be very beneficial for our industry.

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