GTA V Details Exclusive Rewards for Returning Players

Rockstar Games has announced a long list of exclusive rewards for players who already own GTA V on the PS3 and Xbox 360 but return for the next-gen version. This includes the PC platform as well, even though the game was never released on it.

The exclusive content is listed below and includes new vehicles, weapons, challenges and missions. According to the developer, this is only “some” of what it has planned for returning players. In the coming days, we expect the list to be updated with more content.

New Events & Rewards: Players will find new events happening throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. Players can complete these challenges to unlock special rewards, such as the Imponte Duke O’Death car and the Dodo seaplane.

Murder Mystery: When playing as Michael, you’ll take on the role of a detective in a special mission where you must solve a grisly murder. If you’re successful, you’ll unlock two noir-style filters for GTA V’s single-player mode that should give off the feeling of a “gritty, old-school crime classic.”

New Weapons: First up is the high-velocity Rail Gun (pictured above). The other is the Hatchet melee weapon, which you can use to “hack and slash foes.”

Wildlife Photography Challenge: New species of animals will populate Los Santos and Blaine County in the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions of GTA V. When playing as Franklin, you’ll take on a job from the Los Santos Tourist Board to document these. If you’re successful, you will unlock the Kraken Sub.

Stock Car Races: Win these events and you’ll earn custom-made muscle cars.

Monkey Mosaics: A street artist is tagging the walls of Los Santos will monkey-inspired silhouettes. Your job is track down and photograph every tag to earn new monkey outfits (for all players) and a special Go Go Monkey Blista for returning players.

New Vehicles and More: Up for grabs for returning players is the Cheval Marshall monster truck and the faster moving and more maneuverable Blimp.

Those worrying about their existing GTA Online characters should know that their progression will be carried forward to the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. In addition, anyone who pre-orders GTA V will receive $1 million worth of in-game currency, which will be split evenly between single-player and GTA Online.

GTA V launches for the PS4 and Xbox One on November 18, while the PC version will be released in January 2015.